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We are about to change the way you think about music. What would happen if someone opened a store in your town that removed all of the barriers between you and making your creative dreams come true? Age, wealth, access… anything that has always stood between you and your dreams. SonicTrax is a full-service creative outlet and new concept music store that assists you in making your own statement musically, visually, creatively… any way you want. At the heart of our store is ACCESS - access to everything that has traditionally been out of reach for most of us.

  • We are a professional recording studio that allows you to record vocals, or a single instrument, with existing background music for $22 - or gives you the option to cut a high quality CD for only $150 per 6 hour block.

  • We are a professional video production studio that allows you to create an in-store performance video using our green screen starting at $35 - or gives you the option to have us produce a professional quality, on-location music video for your band.

  • We are a music arcade that allows you to play any instrument you’d like in the privacy of our instrument booths, even if you’ve never played before - or allows you to take the next step and conveniently get professional music lessons in-store.

  • We are a retail space and distributor that allows you, or your band, to sell your CDs, T-shirts, posters and other merchandise in an extremely high traffic mall setting.

We have something for everyone. We have removed all the barriers, now it’s up to you. What are you waiting for?

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