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Welcome to MADE@SonicTrax, the chance for you to listen to some of the people who have recorded in the "Audio Booth" at our store. Some of these folks have never picked up a mic before, and others are well on their way to the top of the billboard charts. We think that all of the people we have recorded are top-notch, and we pride ourselves on having the best and most interesting customers anywhere. Please enjoy browsing their bios and listening to their music as they give it their best. MADE@SonicTrax is about creative people expressing themselves and sharing that experience with others. Ask us how you and your music can gain some serious exposure and become a part of MADE@SonicTrax!

Pop, Alternative, Emo, Punk, Metal, etc.

Rap/Hip Hop : updated 9/30
Rap, Hip Hop, Turntables, Freestyle, etc.

Non-rap, rhythm and blues.

Non-rap, rhythm and blues.

Inspirational, all styles.

Acoustic, singer/songwriter, non-rock.

Everything else.

These mp3 files are provided for entertainment purposes and are not to be re-distributed, or sold without SonicTrax and the artist's express written consent. SonicTrax is not responsible for the content of any of the mp3 files available here. Songs containing explicit lyrics are marked as such, downloading such songs constitutes agreement that you understand parental discretion is advised.

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