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Studio Pricing Rules and Guidelines

For only $25 per hour you could be recording in a full service recording studio NOW! Our relaxed, no pressure atmosphere and affordable pricing structure is the perfect place to capture your creativity - whether you're a beginning musician, a seasoned band or even a producer. This rate includes a helpful engineer to assist you in the recording process. If you need help creating your music we even offer production starting at $100 per song. For more information on pricing and guidelines, click the Quick Links above.

Our Roland VS-2480 24-track Digital Studio Workstation offers 24-track/24-bit digital recording with 64-channel digital mixing and over 250 onboard effects. You can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously and professional-quality connections such as 8 XLR and 16 balanced TRS inputs guarantee you'll get a pro sound. Take advantage of our stereo effects processors including Mic, Speaker and Guitar Amp Modeling.

Our list of equipment includes 11 Shure microphones for a variety of applications from drums to speaker cabinets as well as 2 high quality condenser mics. For those who are ready to take it up a level, check out our Yamaha MOTIF 6 synthesizer/sequencer/sampler. We also have plenty of guitars and basses around for your use. You can even run your guitar/bass through our vintage MusicMan 100 watt head, or play our 6 piece drum kit. Stop by for a full list of equipment.

* See Rules and Guidelines for more information.

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