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Performance Videos Custom Music Videos Video Editing

Star in your own music video! You are the rockstar with our state-of-the-art Performance Videos. Choose from our wide selection of background options including backup bands, special effects and animations. Ideal for everyone including rappers, singer/songwriters, dancers, etc. You can even record your own vocals to perform along to. Have 4 of your friends join you for even more fun. We use only the best digital equipment to give you a realistic and high quality performance.

Here are just a few of the available backgrounds for your video. Each of these can be altered including color, speed and effect changes.

How do Performance Videos work? First, you can choose to dance along to existing music, or record your own vocals in store. Next, we take video of you performing in front of our floor-to-ceiling green screen. The use of green screen was originally invented as a film technique to shoot an actor, then remove all the green and composite them over another background. Next, we use the computer to remove the green screen and replace it with any of our wide selection of available background options including concert footage from the historic Palladium theater. The final product is a composite shot that blends your performance with the background, placing you virtually anywhere in the world. Then all you have to do is take home the VHS or DVD (and the CD if you recorded vocals), and show all your friends and family!

Are you a singer-songwriter, dancer, comic, or performance artist? Why not use our green screen for performance simulations, audition tapes, demos, etc.? Bring your band in and shoot a music video, or come up with your own way to use our facilities! Contact us at any time to discuss these, and other professional video services we have available.

At SonicTrax we use a Canon GL1, a digital video camcorder that produces the highest quality video possible from non-broadcast equipment. The Digital Video, or DV format standard delivers more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution. What does that mean to you? About a 25% improvement in picture quality over the best analog formats. On top of that, because it records both video and audio digitally, this information can be transferred - without any loss of quality - to computer for editing, then transferred back to tape, without a reduction in either picture or audio quality.

Design : Exray Vision