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  About Us

MUSIC FOR EVERYONE. It's not just a statement we throw around, it's the reason we started SonicTrax. Spending our formative years in Chicago, deeply rooted in the music scene, we know how hard and inaccessible music recording can be. In fact, we know how hard and inaccessible music can be in general. Everyday you hear about schools cutting music programs, and in most cases schools don't even have music programs to cut! The theory behind creating SonicTrax is literally to bring music to everyone, make it accessible to anyone who wants to try their hand at it. That means removing all the barriers such as location, cost and exclusivity. That means building a recording studio in a mall, in the middle of a major urban area and making it affordable for anyone to come play, create and record.

The road to realization for SonicTrax started in Michigan, where countless hours were spent linking tape decks and record players together to try to emulate multi-track recording. As our desire for music grew, so did our search for an easy and affordable way to record. Even after relocating to Chicago and being part of a thriving musical community, the accessibility of recording always seemed to be just out of reach. The entire music industry is notorious for being closed to the public and frankly we didn't see why it had to be that way.

Part of accessibility is possessing the creativity to reinvent the way things are done. We began to build a list of things that we thought needed to be changed. This included the idea to bring a fully functioning recording studio into a mall setting. Along with the studio, why not make something as simple as picking up and playing instruments equally accessible via a Music Arcade? And for those people that want to learn more, make private lessons available in store. Booking and performing live shows is a difficult task that takes years of preparation, why not find a way to bring the energy and feel of live performance in store? In fact, why not allow anyone to create a high quality performance video within any setting they desire? We created a digital Performance Video package using green screen technology. And the glue that binds it all together is to make everything affordable to absolutely anyone with the desire to play.

But we aren't finished yet, SonicTrax is growing and changing everyday. With feedback from our customers and a desire to take music to the next level, we are continually striving toward music for everyone.

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